May 11, 2021

Report from a Short Trip across Northern Illinois

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean & Corn Advisor, Inc.

Last Saturday afternoon we took a short trip across northern Illinois to see how the planting was going, which was before the rains of Saturday night and Sunday morning. In Iroquois and Livingston counties it looked like the majority of the corn had been planted with approximately half of the soybeans planted. There were a few fields that looked wet and there were a few fields that looked dry.

We saw two guys planting soybeans and one guy spraying, and there was less field activity than I expected. There was some dust being kicked up behind the planter, but there was also a field or two with a little standing water. The tallest corn was maybe two inches tall and there were a few soybean fields where the soybeans were just emerging. Overall, it looked like a typical early May day in the Midwest.

Below are four pictures taken Saturday afternoon, May 8th in Iroquois and Livingston counties, Illinois.

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